Research has revealed that housebuilding in the north-west accelerated faster than anywhere else in England over the past five years and if you want to be ahead of the competition your properties can frequently sell faster and for higher prices than un-staged houses.

Show Homes

Transform your vacant property into a stylish, inviting home with our expert staging services. We will take an empty property and turn it into a home with modern well-made furniture, soft furnishings and well-styled accessories. By helping potential buyers visualise the space, we fast-track buying decisions and create a lasting impression that an empty property can’t always do.

Staging a new build offers additional advantages by showcasing the property’s standout features. We know how to complement the well-thought-of backsplash you installed in the kitchen or the beautiful herringbone floor, our staging expertise ensures that your property’s unique elements take centre stage.

Partnering with us means your strategic design choices become focal points in the eyes of potential buyers. 

Contact us to today to see how we can help, whatever stage of the build you’re at!

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Our Process

  • Receive your order and call for an introduction

  • Collect the keys to the property

  • Install the furniture

  • Style the property

  • Hand back the keys

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